About us

Why Bart?

Everything is simple! Our shop is named after Bart van der Elsken, a Dutch florist and designer, who is our main inspirer and teacher. Being in the epicenter of the floristic fashion, Bart brings from Holland only fresh ideas and modern tendencies. And that means that having visited our shop, you can always be sure that you'll get a stylish decision!



With a special present or bouquet you give love, and Bart puts its heart into each bouquet and present. We believe that love will save the world!


Care begins with looking after Dutch flowers, preparing delicious coffee for you while you're waiting for your bouquet, making an unusual present package, ensuring punctual delivery... We take care of details.


To surprise, to differ, to be remembered. That's what for you come to Bart. Because it's time to surprise, and we know everything about it.

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